Dr. Kathryn L. Rossi is a Clinical Psychologist, The PsychoSocial Genomics Research Institute, Founding Editor for The International Journal of Psychosocial Genomics: Consciousness and Health Research. Her research /Key Interests are Yoga, Psychosocial Genomics, Life & Laughter. She has handled several projects &has various publications with Ernest Rossi and others. 

In collaboration with University of Australia, Adelaide, she is handling a project on Integration of Classical Yoga and the 4-Stage Creative Process of Modern Science: Psychosocial Genomics of Psychotherapy and Optimal Health. Her recent Publications with Ernest Rossi and others: An Evolutionary RNA/DNA Psychogenomic Theory of the Transformations of Consciousness: The Quest for Therapeutic Mind/Gene Search Algorithms. The International Journal for Transformations of Consciousness. Vol. 1, 1-20 (2014).The Quantum Entanglements of Cosmos and Consciousness: A RNA/DNA Epigenomic Quantum Theory of the Cosmos/Consciousness Field. The Journal of Cosmology (2014). A Bioinformatic Analysis of the Molecular-Genomic Signature of Therapeutic hypnosis. The International Journal of Psychosocial Genomics: Consciousness and Health Research. Vol. 1 (1), 6-11 (2014). Quantum Perspectives of Consciousness, Cognition and Creativity: The Dirac Equation in a New Contour Integral Model of Brain Plasticity.  Journal of Applied & Computational Mathematics: Vol. 3(6) (2014). Collected Works of Milton H. Erickson in 16 Volumes (2008-2014). 

           Opening the Heart and Mind with Single Session Psychotherapy and Therapeutic Hypnosis: A Final Meeting with Milton H. Erickson, M.D. Part 1.  In Hoyt M  (2014). Capturing the Moment: Single Session Psychotherapy and Walk-in Services. Creating New Consciousness in Everyday Life:  The PsychoSocial Genomics of Self Creation. eBook at Amazon.com (2012). Creating Consciousness: How Psychotherapists Facilitate the Psychosocial Genomics of Self-Care: The Selected Papers of Ernest Lawrence Rossi, Vol. 2. (2011).