Psychologist, Family Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Researcher and Professor of Psychology, Scientific Director of Psychosocial Genomics Laboratory at the University of Salerno-Department of Human, Philosophical and Educational Sciences, author of numerous publications. Scientific Director of the International Centre of Psychology and Strategic Psychotherapy (CIPPS) of Salerno, the first European center dedicated to the integration of the strategic model developed by M.H. Erickson with the innovative studies on psychosocial genomics carried out by Professor E.L. Rossi. As a student of E.L. Rossi, Mauro Cozzolino has been trained directly by him at the MHEICCC in the fields of clinical, research and training. He is also a member and coordinator of the International Psychosocial Genomic Team and, in 2006, he established at University of Salerno an International Research Group on Therapeutic Hypnosis and Psychosocial Genomic and then the Psychosocial Genomics Laboratory (PSG-LAB) whose main objective is the multidisciplinary study of therapeutic hypnosis at the epigenetic level. Currently, Mauro Cozzolino is carrying out research, training and clinical activities in the field of therapeutic hypnosis, psychotherapy with a neuroscientific and genomic approach, mind-body integration and psychosocial genomics at the MHEICCC, the University of Salerno and the CIPPS. Mauro Cozzolino is the first collaborator of Ernest L: Rossi who has developed interdisciplinary experimental protocols able to support Rossi’s neuroscientific therapeutic approach whit genomic evidence.

The hard word done during these years in the fields of clinical practice, training and strategic-integrated research has produced, among the other successes, the Psychosocial And Cultural Genomics network ( that hosts the first journal in the field: the International Journal of Psychosocial Genomics, Health and Consciousness Research of which Giovanna and Mauro are respectively co-founders, Chairman of the Scientific Committee and Member of the Scientific Committee. And thanks to this project, during the 12th International Ericksonian Congress in Phoenix organized by the Milton Erickson Foundation Giovanna and Mauro are awarded the Distinguished Investigator Achievement Award. Ernest L. Rossi, Roxanna-Klein Erickson and Kathryn Lane Rossi award this prize to them in the name of the Psychosocial Genomics Research Institute of California Central Coast

In addition to his psychotherapy work with patients suffering from psychological symptoms, he uses the creative process in the treatment of various medical conditions: neurodegenerative diseases (such as Parkinson), fibromyalgia, strokes, cancer, etc. At the University of Salerno Mauro is the director of the Psychosocial Genomics Laboratory (PSG-LAB) where he is currently carrying out a research in order to explore the hypothesis that a carefully specified protocol of genomic oriented therapy called “MIND-BODY TRANSFORMATIONS-THERAPY can improve quality of life and survival in breast cancer patients through the modulation of gene expression related to pro-inflammatory biochemical pathways.